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Milk Chocolate Topped Biscuit Cookie - Premium Quality European Petit Biscuit (Individually Boxed, %55 Cocoa Mass, Pack of 6)

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  • TIAROMA BISCUIT COOKIE | The art of chocolate: Premium Quality Milk Chocolate topped Biscuit Cookie. European Butter Biscuits rich in flavor combined with deliciously creamy chocolate made from sustainable %55 cocoa mass.
  • DELICATE TREAT: Our chocolate topped cookies crafted with European creamy cookie butter pairing of the art of chocolate with crunchy irresistible bite. These cookies are crafted in Europe where Lotus Biscoff Cookies, LU Le Petit Ecolier, Pepperidge Farms Milano Cookies was found.
  • INDULGENT: These family pack cookies are better and sweeter than chocolate chip cookies with its indulging chocolate and buttery biscuit mix. Treat yourself by pairing with a morning coffee, a cup of tea, office snacks, and to entertain large groups, put into kids’ lunchbox.
  • VEGAN FRIENDLY: Our biscuit cookies are vegan friendly, made with non-gmo ingredients, rspo certified palm oil, no artificial flavors or colors, and no preservatives. 6 boxes of individual packs, wrapped around its tray. 6 pieces of ready-to-eat sweet treat.
  • SPECIALTY COOKIES: Each Cookie is baked with the finest ingredients for any occasion and gift options for loved ones, friends, colleagues, and yourself.
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