Candy Break Center Filled Fruit & Cream Hard Candy - 24.7oz

  • Exquisite Combination of Flavors: Our Candy Break Milky Filling Candy With Fruit Flavored offers a unique blend of creamy and fruity flavors. The silky, milky filling ideally complements the vibrant strawberry, peach, and banana flavors, creating a harmonious taste experience that will leave you craving for more.
  • Center-Filled Candy: Indulge in the unique experience of center-filled hard candies. Each piece features a hard outer shell that gives way to a smooth and creamy center, offering a delightful surprise with every bite.
  • Individually Wrapped for Freshness: Each Candy Break Filled Fruit Milky Filling Candy is individually wrapped to preserve maximum freshness and flavor. This makes them ideal for enjoying on the go or sharing with friends and family, allowing everyone to savor the experience.
  • Gift for Candy Lovers: Our Candy Break Center Filled Fruit & Cream Hard Candy makes an ideal present for fruit lovers. Whether it's for birthdays, holidays, or special occasions, these candies serve as a unique and delightful surprise that will brighten any fruit lover's day.
  • Joyful Surprise for All: While these candies are a fruit lover's joy, they also bring a delightful surprise for all ages. The combination of the sweet hard candy shell and the delicious fruit flavor provides a taste experience that is both enjoyable and satisfying, making it a fun treat for all ages as well.
  • Special Taste for Special Moments:Surprise your loved ones during the holiday season with these delightful candies. Ideal for gatherings, movie nights, school lunches, or even as a thoughtful gift for Christmas celebrations!

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