Candy Break Fruit and Cream - Center Filled Creamy Hard Candy - 2.2 lbs Bag

  • Flavor Fiesta: Enjoy a burst of fruity and creamy goodness in every bite! Dive into the delightful mix of strawberry, banana, and peach flavors that'll make your taste buds dance with joy! 🍓🍌🍑
  • 🍬Wrapped for Fun: Each candy is individually wrapped, making them a convenient and exciting treat for any adventure, from a quick pick-me-up to sharing smiles with friends.
  • 💫Dive into the Deliciousness: These candies aren't just for fruit lovers; they're delightful snacks for everyone! With their sweet hard candy shell and delicious cream and fruit flavor, they offer a tasty experience that's both satisfying for kids and adults.
  • 🎈Sweet Surprises: Looking for the ideal gift for fruit lovers? Our hard candies bring a big smile to any fruity lover's face on birthdays, holidays, or any special day.
  • 🌈 More to Share, More to Enjoy: Our bulk pack makes sure you've got lots of candy to enjoy and share, keeping those sweet cravings happily satisfied! Whether it's the holidays (Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter, Valentine’s Day, Halloween), special occasions (birthdays, care packages), parties, or casual gatherings, our candies ensure you have plenty to enjoy and share, bringing joy to every occasion!

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Product Description

These heavenly delights of creamy candies, infused with the flavors of banana, peach, and strawberry, will undoubtedly make you the favorite person in the entire office. Just place them on your table and observe as your colleagues stop by, grabbing handfuls of these irresistible treats.
Longing for a delightful study or work treat? Dive into a bowl of these irresistible candies and sweeten your experience. Warning: the addictive combination of flavors might lead you to finish the whole bowl without even realizing it!
Hosting friends but need the perfect companion for your coffee? Look no further – these candies are here to elevate your gathering. Treat your friends to the heavenly creamy texture, complemented by the delightful flavor trio of banana, strawberry, and peach.